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Ellie's house


For many years my husband and I operated a Treehouse B&B. I blogged about some of the folks who stayed with us (with their permission).

Fern Forest Treehouse


When we began the hospitality business, we had no idea treehouses would be so popular. After nine years of guests and a long waiting list to stay 30 feet up in a tree, we called it quits. 

green mountain forest, vermont


Now we use  Fern Forest Treehouse when family and friends visit, but we still hear from some of the folks you'll read about in the blog as well as other thoughts. Find it at


Bug tripping


When my husband got the idea of saving the environment by purchasing a diesel VW Beetle, we launched a cross-country trip to test it out. Not only were we getting 50 mpg, but I kept a blog about the month-long trip.  

Leaf tripping


When the VW emissions debacle came to light, husband sold the blue Bug back to VW and with the rebate bought an electric Nissan Leaf. At only 100 miles per charge, we thought better than to launch another cross-country trip.

bug tripping encore


The truth is, hubs missed the Bug. It's a comfy car with more interior space than one might think. So there's a new Bug on the block, a spiffy Turbo. Now I've got to get back to that Bug Tripping blog. 

Read about Bug Tripping at